Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Oracle Story

In my quest to have a glimpse of my future I have gone to many places. I have met many fortune tellers, soothsayers, diviners. I have gone to eclectic "prophets" that go through extremely weird rituals-- so weird and so extreme that they consider crystal balls and tarot cards as child's play. I have met people who chew grains of rice and swallow them then regurgitate them again from their stomach and spread the oozing concoction on my forehead. I met people who claim that they have been possessed by the gods themselves, with their voices changing during possession. Yet for every person who claim they can see the future, I can only see myself consulting them-- I only see the present.

It was during my quest that someone advised me to go to this "sacred" place. It was believed that when you stay long enough in that place, and if you're intentions are clear and true, a real oracle will approach you and show you your future.

I was desperate at that time to see my future. I am at the point of taking my own life due to hopelessness and uncertainty for the things to come.

So I went to that place, the sacred land. When I arrived, I saw only a desolate park facing a vast lake, surrounded by tall trees, carpeted with Bermuda grass. I sat on one of the wood benches near the shore and stared at the lake for a very long time. I waited.

I waited and waited but no oracle came, not even a shadow of one. The sun set on the lake and still no oracle. I was torn apart because my last hope has faded with the setting sun. I just closed my eyes and cried.

During my moment of hopelessness, I heard a faint cry from the lake. When I looked up, I saw this woman walking towards the lake, crying. I stayed there on my place and watch her as the glistening lake water slowly lap her lower body as she continues crying. I just watch her, until her body was almost submerged up to her waist. Then I realized, this woman was trying to drown herself! I sprang up to my legs and ran toward her. I grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to the shallow shore; she did not offer any resistance.

In that beach by the sunset, it happened. I saw a vision of myself walking out to a yard from a small house. Then I saw two children walking after me. Then I saw myself turn around and carry the two children, and then I continue walking. Then I saw a woman coming out of the house behind me. I saw myself turn around again and the woman kissed me in the lips. Then she kissed the two children. When I looked at her face, I saw that woman, the same woman I saved from drowning. It was her in the vision.

Finally, I saw my future. My future is with her.