Friday, September 20, 2013

Corned Tuna Mayo Toast

   1 can corned  tuna
   2 slices of white bread
   4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

  1. Mix the mayonnaise and corned tuna.
  2. Spread the mix on the bread slices.
  3. Toast the bread in the oven for 5 minutes or until brownish.
"This tastes like crap".
"Damn. I think I missed an ingredient. The most important one."
"And what's that?"
"An ounce of love."
"I hate you."

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prawn Crackers

It started with a crackle. Then a spark. Suddenly the entire room is brimming with electromagnetic field lines glowing bright purple like the insides of a neon light. Oishi's body was engulfed with the psychedelic lights.

As he look around him, he found himself floating in the middle of his room. The ceilings and the walls are all radiating with blinding light.

The purple light started to creep into Oishi's feet. His limbs are now glowing as well. It crept towards his torso in a very steady pace. In another minute his whole body is glowing bright purple as he float and rotate like a satellite inside his room.

Moments later, a beam of light emanated from outside his window. The beam target his body. He was being pulled into the light, head first. Slowly, he floated towards the window until finally he was out. Suddenly, it went dark. The room is back in its normal arrangement. But Oishi is nowhere to be found.

The red indicator from the CCTV camera continued to blink.

A week later, the news headlines reported the  first ever alien abduction caught on camera. A month later,  with the new hard evidence they gathered, the Earth government revived the case against the Martians for illegal abduction on Earth's premises.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tiny Cars and a Yellow Curtain

It's just 10 in the evening and I had 6 cups of coffee already. That would last me another half-hour at least. It's been 10 days -- two hundred and thirty nine hours and fifteen minutes to be exact -- since I last saw you.

'I'll see you on the next iteration,' you said, as you turn the lever to full throttle. In an instant, your time bubble vanished and what's left in its stead is a yellow whiff of smoke and some tiny sparks.

You said you'll send an indicator if you will arrive soon. Soon. I don't know how that concept applies now. Here I am waiting for sometime now. Anytime now, that is soon, for me. But you have the entire universal timeline to traverse. How long is 'soon' if you can outlive the universe itself? What is 'time' if you can come and go as you please?

'Just look at the things that make you safe, at this instant of time.' you had said before you left. 'Just look at them and you'll know when I'll arrive.

What makes me safe at this instant? Coffee? Well, it keeps me awake but not safe. My yellow curtains? Probably. It keeps me safe from perverts looking into the room with their powerful telescopes from across the building. (Yes, I'm that paranoid.). My 1:64 die cast cars on the drawer? They keep me sane, that's for sure.

Seventh cup. The waiting is killing me. I go out to the balcony. It sure is so bright tonight and noisy. Or is it just the coffee? From up here, the ground looks so near. It would be so easy to jump, except that I'm 19th floor high and I'm not insane. I feel nauseous all of a sudden.

I went inside. I closed the door and windows and just opened my orange curtains. When did I change curtains? And when did I start collecting 1:50 die cast cars?

A whiff of yellow smoke appeared in front of me. And some sparks.