Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Window Loving

A new receptionist was hired for the hotel concierge. She was stationed on the front desk overlooking the entrance and the window to the streets.

In her first day of work she saw beyond the hotel windows a man walking on the street in front of the hotel. The man pauses as he is directly in front of the concierge. Then the man gives a faint smile. The new receptionist, not knowing what to do, immediately looked away.

The next morning she saw the same man again. Again, he pauses in front of the receptionist's position and smiles. The receptionist just looks away again. On the third day, the man came walks past again and smiled. This time the receptionist smiled back and she felt good.

She began to talk his coworkers regarding the man.

"That guy? Don't tell me you're falling for him. Everybody knows him as a selfish guy who only thinks of himself."

But the receptionist doesn't believe what they say. Through her brief glimpses of the man, she can say that he is a sweet person.

On the fourth day, the man walks again and smiles in front of the receptionist. She always smile back and it always makes her day better. Sometimes, the man would stop longer than usual and just stand there for a few seconds smiling. And she always smiled back. Everyday since, she was eagerly waiting for him to come inside the hotel and talk to her.

On one occasion, as the man passes by, he turns and winks to the receptionist. She would immediately blush with this action. On another occasion, he passes by pauses in front and pouts his lips as if sending a kiss to her. This made her decide. If he will not still approach her inside the hotel on the next day, she will go out herself to meet him.

The next day, the man walks by, pauses and just and smile towards her. Then he continues walking. So she rushes out of the concierge and runs outside of the hotel. She catches up with him walking and then she called him.

'Hi!' She shouted but he did not look. So she shouted louder.

'Excuse me! Hi!'. At this point, he pauses and looks back.

'Yes? Are you talking to me?' asked the man.

'Yes. I am.' She cannot hide her smile.

A long pause passed by.

'Do you need anything?' asked the man breaking the silence.

The receptionist's smile slowly goes away.

'Don't you know me? I'm the girl at the hotel reception.'

'Uh huh. Okay. Do you need anything?' he replied.

'Um. Nothing. I...I'm sorry. It's a mistake.'

'Okay. I need to go. I'm gonna be late.'

And the guy turns around and walks away.

The receptionist do not know what to think. He's always been looking at her and smiling at her. How did he not know her. She thought maybe he did not recognize her being up close. She also thought he might bee smiling at somebody else, not her.

So she walked back to the hotel to check if there is somebody he might be looking at.

As she arrives in front of the hotel, she pauses and looks inside through the windows.

And then she noticed.

The window glasses are one-way mirrors.