Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Blood

They say my mission is the most noble.
They say it is the hardest.
They say there is no turning back once I go forward.

But I think otherwise. "Charge into the enemy lines as fast as you can, as deep as you can. Charge with all your might and with your life." My general say.

But how hard can that be. Anyone with perfectly abled legs can go running into enemy grounds. And what is so noble with that, when you know you will most likely be killed by arrows or cannons or whatever defense they have there.

What is hard is the mental and emotional training. You have to accept that you are going to die. You have to be able to fight the fear of pain. You have to be brave.

I have accepted my fate. Sometimes I wander what are beyond those walls. Who are these army we're fighting. Why we are almost alike. I used to think of just quitting and returning to my little village. Work as a regular carpenter or maybe a miner. But I have gone past that. I have accepted my fate.

This is my mission. And it is simple. I shall charge the enemy grounds with my full might. I shall give the best battle of my life. I shall make them notice my power. I will make them fear me such that they will unleash the best of their army to fight me.

Let them come! I am ready.

So I attack.

As I destroy their gold mines and elixir collectors one by one, they began firing at me with their all-- archer towers, cannons and mortars. I absorbed them all-- arrows, cannonballs, whatever they throw at me. I endured the best I can.

I was not fully aware what happened next.  The last thing I remember, the enemy reinforcement was unleashed and they are coming closer and closer to me, I hear our archery squad's battle cry. They face off, swords versus arrows. Shields versus spells. I just lay there on the grass, unable to move any part of my body.

I lay there face up for sometime. All I can see is the clear blue sky with some occasional arrows zipping past high above. Then I feel someone approach. It was the graceful Archer Queen. She looks at me with her elegant but fierce eyes, Then she kneels down and closed my eyelids with her soft hands. Then she whisper into my ear, "Good job, my brave barbarian. You got us 3 stars."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The City Greets Me

I found the city in a good mood today.

This morning all the pedestrian traffic lights turned "Walk" the very second I step to cross the road. All of the lights.

The shadows of the tall skyscrapers all fall on the sidewalk where I was going; shielding me from the hot morning sun above.

The honk of the cars and the bells of the crossing train seem to sound in perfect tune and uncannily synced with the music I was listening on my headphone.

As I look closely, I noticed the cars zoom in the expressway in some cryptic pattern. Two slow cars, One fast car. Three slow cars. Three slow cars etc.

The city speaks in Morse code.

"Good Morning", it greets me.