Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quick post - March

I apologize for the delay in my posts. I've been quite busy this month.

But March will not pass without me creating another post in my blog. But what to write? What happened worth posting this month?

I guess I could start from the beginning of the month -- the day the zombies began scratching our gates with their bonified hands.

We never expected the horde to arrive for another week or two. It was a complete surprise. The networks are down at the time so there were no communication with other town-forts. The nearest lighthouse emitted then a very short ambigous burst of the distress spotlight. No one from our town really noticed. We would later learn that someone did notice but did not escalate it.

We used all our defense mechanisms againts the zombie attack--fireballs, napalms, oil bombs. But they were just too many. With each zombie we kill, ten more would come forward over its body.

On the second day, the gates began to give away. Our leaders realize it's time to go.


I'll have to continue this story some other day. I think our caravan is moving again. They might shutdown the modems soon.

I'll write again later if I have the chance.