Monday, April 21, 2014


Agent Voltaire's laundry dump has been rotting on the corner of his apartment for almost one year now. His lone skin hanging on his virtually empty cabinet is the last one of his outfit. Unfortunately, he has another job early tomorrow morning. His target is the Prime Minister of the Visayan Republic. High profile. And the day after he has another one. The target is still unknown but is also a powerful person according to his barker.

He really need to get the laundry done. Good thing there's an express washer downstairs from his apartment. Zero evidence. Fast clean. Their ads say. Agent Voltaire smirks at their clever ad. Nowadays, people are not what they seem. Everyone has a second job. Everyone's day job is just a front for the dirty exploits they do after their 8 to 5 work hours.

The barker on the Jeepney terminal is the person giving him the targets.

The washers downstairs are erasers-- they clean up evidence of crimes, dispatches bodies etc.

The cigarette vendor is a CIA double agent.

The tricycle driver is a getaway driver.

The cellphone repair guy is a signal hacker and surveillance specialist.

The girl who sells sampaguita is an assassin-chemist specializing in natural poisons from the flower she sells.

This city is a cove of espionage, assassinations and false identities. Everyone has a dark story they don't want anyone to know about. A dirty story that does not need cleaning. A story that will destroy their entire lives once exposed to the world.

But the dirty will not remain dirty. Soon laundry time will come and no single bad deed will remain uncovered and unpunished.

Agent Voltaire dials the hotline for his laundry. The cellphone repair guy listens to the call and forwards it to the cigarette vendor. The next morning after that, the barker will be whispering something to the sampaguita vendor who will then give Agent Voltaire a lei of flowers as a gift. She will ride a tricycle to her apartment and then remove her skin and throw it to the 1 year-old dump she's got rotting on the corner.

Laundry time approaches yet again.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Philosopher from Across the Stars

"It is the interaction of but two bodies that gave rise to the entire universe."

Thus said the philosopher from Cygnus X1, whose worldship is parked on Earth's Himalayan parking ranges at the moment.

"In the beginning was Darkness. In the beginning was light. But just that. Light and Dark. Nothing more nothing less.

But Darkness found Light and Light found darkness. And then the Great Explosion came about. And the entire universe was born right after. Did that answer your question?"

"Uhmm... I'm still not quite clear about it, saer." The person on the microphone said. "If everything came from the interaction of Light and Dark, then where did the Light and Dark came from?" There was a soft murmuring among the participants in the assembly hall.

"Ahh. Now you are asking something different. This is a scientific convention. Am I right?"

"Yes saer."

"Then what you are asking is not thematic to this gathering. For it is not something we will discuss in a room full of scientists like yourselves. But If you want answers then so be it. But don't blame if you won't believe it." The philosopehr paused for a while. "So in the beginning, god created..."

"Saer, if I may interrupt. You just said this is a scientific convention. If you are going to preach about god, and religion and those faith-based beliefs, then please just stop because everyone knows..."

"Ahh, but that's what I thought you would say. I will not talk about your religions, or beliefs. Those are things I know you would dismiss immediately and I would too, because they are not based on scientific facts. I'm talking about something else. You all know how knowledgeable our race is. We're far, far advanced than you are, technologically, mentally and in every aspect that you can think of. I have a huge pool of knowledge you can't even fathom how enormous. You're entire body of knowledge; scientific, philosophical, literary, religious, all of those compared to us are just like a baby uttering her first syllable. That's how primitive your minds are.

I'f I am going to tell you the literal explanation of the origin of things, It would be like you talking to a dog about algebra. What I am doing is replacing words unfathomable to you with words that are familiar and would translate satisfactorily in your very young minds. And you'll just have to believe that these are true." The philosopher paused again.

"So, as I was saying," the philosopher continued " the beginning god created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of god was hovering over the waters. And god said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light."