Monday, March 17, 2014

Hungry? Jolliburp Delivers!

It's been an hour since I placed my order in Jolliburp Online. I still haven't received any call of confirmation from their call center whether they received my order or what. I'm getting hungry. And I'm bad when I get hungry.

I called their hotline to follow-up my order.

"Good evening! This is Jolliburb Delivery. May I ask for your full name please?" the agent on the other side of the phone said.

"My name is Stan. I placed an order online more than an hour ago but I still haven't received it."

"Ok sir. May I know the transaction number".

"Alright wait a sec." I checked my email for the transaction number I got from the automated response email. "It's 297938712."

"Please hold sir. I'll just verify."

"Okay. Please hurry up. I get bad when I'm hungry". I didn't get a response. Maybe she's already checking my order.

A few minutes later the agent returned to the phone.

"Sir, your order is already processing. Please wait for a few minutes."

"Alright. But please hurry. You don't want me getting hungry."

"Ok Sir thank you."

A few more minutes passed by. Then my phone rang.


"Good evening Sir! I'm from Jolliburp and I just like to confirm your order."

"OK." What! you're still just confirming my order?!?!. What the hell! I'm starting to get hungry.

The agent blabbered on and on about my order. Then confirmed my address for delivery. I just said yes.

"Sir, the order will arrive in 30 to 45 minutes. Are you willing to wait?"

Of course I am. After all those time waiting just to cancel last minute? "Yes. I'm willing. But please hurry. I'm getting hungry. And it's bad when I'm hungry."

"Ok sir. Thank you for calling Jolliburp."

Another 15 minutes passed. Still no delivery. And I'm officially hungry. This is bad.

Another 15 minutes passed. I heard a knock on the door. I walk to the door and open it. I saw the delivery guy bent down picking up my orders from his carrying case. He lifts 2 paper bags from his carrying case then faces me.

Suddenly, the delivery guy's eyes widened. Then he dropped the two paper bags. He suddenly jerked backwards and bumps on the wall behind him, almost falling over. Then he sprints very, very fast down the hallway and into the exit stairways. I can hear him screaming from afar.

Good thing he dropped the bags. I'm really hungry. So I picked up the two bags with my four tentacles and shoved them both into my mouth, not even bothering to remove the bags. I can  feel the two bags bulging in my throat into my stomach. That was good!!! My 16 eyes circled in satisfaction.

After my meal, I just crawled my way inside my condo. I felt bad for the delivery guy. But I keep telling them, they wouldn't want me getting hungry.