Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hopes and Dreams and the Parallel Universe

"I only need eight hundred grams of Cesium to maintain the field! I have given you proof and evidence that it works! Why do you deny me of such small amount?!" 

The man in a dirty white lab coat stands up to approach the bench. The sergeant-at-arms on the corner raises his arms and gives a  sign to the man to stay on his seat. The man looks at the sergeant-at-arms and sits down slowly.

"Dr. Bishop, it's not whether  your experiment will work or not. We trust in your skills and intellect and we know that it would work",  the Supreme Judge answers. Ten judges sit behind the bench as the Science Tribunal. They are the ones who regulate, monitor and decide on ethical and moral scientific dilemmas and related cases. Today, they are hearing the fifth appeal of Dr. John Bishop requesting for 800 grams of pure Cesium for his experiment. 800 grams is above the legal amount which is 200 grams for private experiments.

"Dr. Bishop, what we are doubting is your motivation for this experiment. For the benefit of the new Jury before us right now can you please explain your experiment again?"

"It's very simple really. I've created a Torsional Proton Accelerator that can reach energies approaching the Schwartzchild magnitudes. This device, once fully operational can create a gravitational force field that could create a miniature black hole with a picometer radius. That's not the breakthrough though, any undergraduate physicist can do that on his basement. What I've done is I coupled the black hole's radiated dark energy with a Picolaser Pulse synchronised via a superconducting crystal lattice of inert Uranium-230 to produce a dark gravity field with a radius of 2 meters. The problem is, once the inert uranium-230 is exposed to the pulse laser, it instantaneously decays into Plutonium-210 which immediately dissipates the dark gravity field.

But if I have 800 grams of Cesium, I can use it as a catalyst so that the laser pulse interacts with it instead. The Cesium's excitation energy will be the one to trigger the Uranium's radiation of the dark gravity energy without it decaying into Plutonium. It's pretty straightforward and simple. It's non-hazardous and very stable. I can't think of anything that could go wrong", Dr. Bishop explained.

"Please tell us the impact of this experiment" said the Supreme Judge.

"The dark energy field generated serves as a thread that links asynchronous quantum states. A bridge between two different quantum spaces." said Dr. Bishop.

"And what does that do?"

"In layman's term it connects two different configurations of a single particle."

"What is the significance of that?"

"It is a portal between two parallel universes. But it's a one-way portal, we can cross but the other side can't. So there is no risk."

The Supreme Judge pauses for quite a while to read a document in his desk giving way to a complete silence in the room. The Judge then flips a page and looks at Dr. Bishop.

"I see no risk in this. My question is why would you want a bridge to the other world?"

Dr. Bishop bows his head. He takes a deep breath and stands up to speak.

"Imagine the possibilities of a different but similar world. A world with different but similar people. A different environment, different circumstances. It is a world where you made completely different decisions. If one can go to that world, he can have an entirely different life but very familiar. One can start over again. Don't you want to have that possibility?"

"I know that it is a very good thing to have to start over again. Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe everyone have a regret or two in their lives. Let me ask you, Doctor, would you cross the other side to start a new life?"

Dr. Bishop stares at the Judge as if calculating if this is a trick question or what. After a few minutes of silence, he answers.

"Yes. I would."

A silence once again covers the court room.

"Why can't you just move to Boston or Australia? Why can't you start a new life here?"

"Because it would be different if I move to Boston. Different people, different places, just different."

"Then if you want the same set of people why do you want to cross-over? Why can't you just create a new life here with the same people that you know? Start over again with them. Why not here?"

"Because they're dead here!" Dr. Bishop exclaimed to the judge while teardrop rolls down his eyes to his cheeks. He then sits down and bows his head.

"I'd like to call a fifteen-minute recess. After that, we will read our decision," the judge declares as he slams his gable.

The Judges stand up and move as a line to the exit behind the bench. Every one in the room began to leave one by one. Only Dr. Bishop remained in his seat.

After the fifteen-minute recess, all the judges began to return. All the other people also went back to their seats.

"The court is back in session", the Judge said while slamming the gable. "Plaintiff, please read the decision."

Dr. Bishop remains in his seat with his head bowed down and his arms wrapped around himself. The Plaintiff walks to the center and speaks.

"Yes, Your Honor. For the appeal of Dr. John Bishop for the request of 800 grams of pure Cesium, the Tribunal has rejected. The Tribunal however approves 300 grams of Cesium to be granted to Dr. John Bishop for his experiments. This decision is final."

"With that this session is adjourned." The Judge slams his gable. Dr. Bishop remained motionless in his seat. Everyone begans to walk out again. But the Supreme Judge remains on his seat. After a while only the two of them remained in the courtroom.

Dr. Bishop speaks without raising his head to look.

"You are also a physicist. You know that I can't stabilize the field with just 300 grams. What's the point of giving me that amount?"

"With 300 grams, you can sustain a 6-inches radius non-reactive window to the other quantum space. I want you to look at them. Look at what they are doing, how they are living their lives. I want you to ask yourself, are you willing to alter those lives in a very major way just to make your grief go away? You are being selfish, doctor. Those are people with their own lives. You can't just go there and change everything and make them live your life. You have to make do with your own life here. Move on."

A long silence lingered in the room.

Finally, Dr. Bishop stands up and walk toward the exit door without saying anything. He grabs the door latch and pulls the door open. As he walks out the door, he looks back to the Judge and smiles;

"250 grams can do."

Dr. Bishop walks out and closes the courtroom door. The Judge smiles.