Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chasing the Shadow of God

Her eyes widened as Pete sat there in silence. Is this it? Is he ready to pop the question? Is it really happening now? It has been a really bumpy couple of years for them but they managed to make it this far. She has always been on the edge of the fence with thier relationship what with him being profoundly inconsistent with his emotions. She knows he loves her but there are times when she feel that he's got something else in his heart besides love for her. And recently it's been bothering her. But then she just recently realised that he might be just afraid of committing.

It was yesterday when he called her, wanting for them to talk. A serious talk. So she recons this might be it. There was never a very big recent problem they had so he can't be breaking up with her. And she doesn't really want to entertain that thought anyway. So she feels this is it. He is asking THE question.  And she already has an answer. More or less.

Pete sat there in silence. He kept thinking how he would say it to her. Will she say it upfront? But how does he know would she react? What if she reacts negatively? It might be the end of everything. Everything has been progressing quite perfectly from day 1. But at this stage, how can he be so sure, with all the complexity and improbabality of things? Adn if she reacts positively, is he really ready? Does she deserve this life that he will be giving to her?

Or does he have to tell her how it all happened? Start from day 1 and slowly retell what happened eversince. Until now. And then finally
tell her. At least she will consider the weight of their journey if anything else. But would it just be more painful to live everything, the good and the bad, then in the end just end up with her melting her heart out?

But Pete needs to say it now. Or it will just go on forever and ever in this state. This needs to progress no matter what the outcome might be.

So Pete broke his silence. And he decided that he will just say it up front. Whatever happens will happen.

"Annie. I have to tell you something."

Annie sat there in silence, eyes widening in anticipation.

"Annie. You are a  robot I created."

Her heart started melting.