Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ballad of the Sun-shroom

I am of the night. At least that's what I'm bred to be. I sleep during the day and awake during the dark, that's true. But one look at me and you'll realize I do not belong in the darkness. You see, I shine very brightly just as the sun would. 

Of all creatures in this gloom-drenched world, it is I alone that radiate a golden yellow light from my skin. And I hate myself for that; the way I hate daylight and everything associated with it.

They say if you concentrate enough, you can purge all of that light from one's body and soul. So I do that. I conventrate very hard. Hard enough that small spheres of sun emanate from my body. I concentrate hard enough until I realize that I became stronger and bigger because of it. But the dastardly glow remained. I learned that once I grow, I could purge bigger spheres of suns. But despite my efforts the radiance remained. 

I belong in the dark, with the gloom-shrooms and the fume-shrooms and the grave-eaters and the magnet-shrooms. But here I am, with no ability to attack our enemies and defend our lands. With my sole ability being to generate spheres of suns which my comrades do not even need. I feel inutile. I just waste space here. And I hate myself for that.

(Here: http://plantsvszombies.wikia.com/wiki/Sun-shroom)